Can You Set Draft Order Yahoo Fantasy Football

Can You Set Draft Order Yahoo Fantasy Football?

As the commissioner of your Yahoo Fantasy Football league, you hold the responsibility of ensuring a smooth draft process. Setting the draft order is a crucial step in this process, and this guide will walk you through the necessary steps to set up and conduct your draft successfully.

Finalize Your Team List

Before you begin, ensure that you have finalized the list of teams participating in your league. It’s important to note that once you start the draft, no new managers can join. This step sets the foundation for a well-organized draft.

Different Draft Formats

Yahoo Fantasy Football offers two main draft formats: Live Standard Drafts and Salary Cap Drafts. Choose the format that suits your league’s preferences and rules. Remember, you can also run multiple drafts simultaneously by using separate browser windows for each draft.

Pausing and Undoing Draft Picks

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes your draft might need a quick break. Yahoo allows you to pause the draft up to 20 times, with each pause lasting up to 60 minutes. While the draft is paused, you also have the option to undo draft picks. You can either undo individual picks or select all to revert every pick made during the paused time.

Desktop Draft Client Steps

As the commissioner, you can control the flow of the draft while using the desktop draft client. If any adjustments need to be made, such as editing roster positions, switching to autopick, or modifying “Pre-Draft Only” settings, follow these steps to reset the draft:

  1. Pause the Draft: The draft will pause for 15 seconds before resuming with the updated draft pick time limit.
  2. Resetting the Draft: If a manager didn’t join the league pre-draft or if changes are needed, you can reset the draft. Keep in mind that this action will permanently delete all results, stats, and transactions from the current draft.

Managing Draft Date and Time

In case you encounter scheduling conflicts or need to reschedule the draft, you have the option to do so. Clicking “Leave Draft” will automatically reschedule the draft 7 days out. You can also adjust the draft date or choose the next available time slot according to your league’s preferences.

Draft Party with Family and Friends

If you’re hosting a draft party with your loved ones, you can present the draft to everyone without revealing your personal draft room. Note that draft selections cannot be made from the Presenter Mode window, but it’s a great way to engage everyone without sharing sensitive information.

Customizing Your Draft Experience

Yahoo Fantasy Football provides customization options to enhance your drafting experience. You can toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode based on your preference. Additionally, you can choose to hide draft pick selection messages in the chat to maintain a focused conversation.

Seeking Help and Feedback

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions regarding the draft process, remember that Yahoo Fantasy Sports offers support through various channels. You can reach out via email at, connect on Twitter @YahooFantasyCC, or send a chat message for assistance.

In conclusion, as the commissioner, you play a pivotal role in setting up and conducting a successful Yahoo Fantasy Football draft. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to ensure a seamless draft experience for all participants. Your dedication and preparation will contribute to an enjoyable and competitive fantasy football season.

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