Did Ben Napier Play Football At Ole Miss

Did Ben Napier Play Football At Ole Miss?

When it comes to the question of whether Ben Napier played football at Ole Miss, the answer is no. Despite his towering 6-foot-6 frame, Ben Napier did not pursue a football career during his time at the University of Mississippi. However, this doesn’t mean he lacked involvement with his alma mater’s football team or a commitment to giving back to the university.

Ben Napier’s Connection to Ole Miss Football

Although Ben Napier did not play football at Ole Miss, he remains a devoted supporter of the university’s football program. The star of HGTV’s “Home Town” series has been known to cheer enthusiastically for the Ole Miss football team. His passion for the sport and his alma mater is evident, even if he didn’t participate as a player.

Giving Back to Ole Miss

Ben Napier’s connection to the University of Mississippi extends beyond the football field. In 2016, both Ben and his wife Erin were students at Ole Miss. Ben graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history, while Erin earned her degree in fine arts and print design. Their ties to the university are strong, and they continue to contribute in meaningful ways.

Last August, Ben and Erin demonstrated their commitment by donating a custom-made desk to the English department at Ole Miss. Ben’s woodworking skills were put to use as he crafted the desk, which was initially intended to be auctioned off to benefit the creative writing program. However, Ben decided to gift the desk to the university, capturing the moment on camera for the spinoff HGTV series “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop.”

Erin’s Affection for Ole Miss Football

Erin Napier, Ben’s wife and co-star on “Home Town,” shares his passion for Ole Miss football. She has expressed her love for the sport and the university’s football program through her writings. Erin’s birthday tradition involves celebrating with family and friends while enjoying Ole Miss’ first game of the season. This cherished tradition speaks to the deep connection the Napier family maintains with the university’s football culture.


In conclusion, while Ben Napier did not play football at Ole Miss, his dedication to the university and its football program is evident. His support for the team, combined with his efforts to give back to the alma mater, showcases his strong ties to the university’s community. Alongside his wife Erin, Ben Napier continues to make meaningful contributions that extend beyond the football field and into the hearts of Ole Miss enthusiasts.

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