Do You Wear Underwear Under Football Girdle

Do You Wear Underwear Under Football Girdle: Exploring Proper Attire for Players

When it comes to gearing up for a football game, players often face the dilemma of what to wear under their football girdle. The question of whether to don underwear under the girdle or not is a common concern among football enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll dive into this topic and provide straightforward answers to your questions.

Should You Wear Underwear Under a Football Girdle?

The decision of whether to wear underwear under a football girdle primarily boils down to personal preference. Football players have two main options: wearing the girdle under their underwear or wearing it over their underwear. While both choices are valid, there are a few factors to consider.

The girdle’s padding should effectively cover the necessary body parts to ensure proper protection. Whether you choose to wear the girdle under or over your underwear, the key is to ensure that the pads are in the right places for optimal comfort and safety.

How Do NFL Players Dress Underneath Their Gear?

NFL players, like other football players, have a specific attire under their gear to provide the necessary support and protection during the game. Underneath their football shorts, most players wear a jockstrap and a cup, along with additional cushioning. It’s important to note that while jockstraps are common, NFL rules require players to wear an additional layer of underwear over the jockstrap to maintain modesty.

Moreover, in certain situations, compression wear, such as lycra-type underwear, is worn beneath shorts for enhanced support. This snug-fitting gear ensures that players can move freely while benefiting from muscle support and moisture-wicking properties.

Compression Shorts and Underwear: What’s the Rule?

Compression shorts serve as a base layer, designed to be worn directly against the skin. As such, if you’re considering wearing compression shorts, there’s no need to wear regular underwear underneath. The compression shorts offer the intended support and compression on their own.

What About Girdles in the NFL?

In the world of the NFL, girdles with built-in padding have gained attention for their enhanced protection. Some NFL teams have been experimenting with these girdles during training camps and preseason games. These advanced girdles feature padding at the hip, thigh, and tailbone areas, providing additional safeguards for players.

The NFL has also been considering making lower-body pads a mandatory part of the uniform, emphasizing the importance of player safety.

Tips for Wearing Compression Shorts

When it comes to wearing compression shorts, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Smooth Out Your Shorts

Before putting on compression shorts, take a moment to smooth them out and put them on slowly. This prevents bunching and ensures even compression on your muscles, preventing discomfort and restricted blood circulation.

2. Match Colors

If you’re wearing compression shorts with other layers, consider matching the color of your compression gear with your outer clothing. This creates a cohesive look and helps you feel more confident on the field.

3. Opt for Skin-Colored Underwear

If you prefer wearing underwear under your compression shorts, choose options that closely match your skin tone. This helps prevent your underwear from showing through the compression fabric and maintains a streamlined appearance.

In conclusion, whether you choose to wear underwear under your football girdle or compression shorts, the goal is to prioritize comfort, protection, and performance. Personal preference plays a significant role in determining the most suitable attire for you. As the NFL continues to explore advancements in player gear, player safety remains a top priority, ensuring athletes can perform at their best while staying well-protected.

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