How Much Is A Patrick Mahomes Signed Football Worth

How Much Is a Patrick Mahomes Signed Football Worth?

Patrick Mahomes, the rising star of the NFL, has captured the hearts of football enthusiasts with his exceptional skills and impressive performances. As a player who made his mark both in college football and the NFL, his autographed memorabilia holds a special place in the hearts of fans and collectors alike. One question that often arises in the minds of enthusiasts is: “How much is a Patrick Mahomes signed football worth?”

Assessing the Value of Patrick Mahomes Autographed Footballs

The value of a Patrick Mahomes signed football is influenced by various factors that contribute to its rarity, authenticity, and demand among collectors. Some key factors that determine the worth of his autographed footballs include:

1. Authentication and Verification

Collectors seek assurance that the autographed item is genuine. Patrick Mahomes’ autographed footballs that come with reputable authentication certificates, such as those from Beckett Authentication and James Spence Authentication, tend to command higher values.

2. Condition of the Football

The condition of the football itself plays a role in determining its value. Footballs that are in excellent condition, showing minimal signs of wear and damage, are likely to fetch higher prices.

3. Type of Signature and Placement

The location and clarity of Patrick Mahomes’ signature on the football can impact its value. A clear and well-placed signature adds to the aesthetic appeal of the item and makes it more desirable among collectors.

4. Limited Editions and Rarity

Limited-edition autographed footballs, especially those with unique designs or commemorating significant achievements, tend to have higher value due to their rarity and exclusivity.

5. Market Demand

The demand for Patrick Mahomes’ memorabilia greatly influences its market value. As he continues to excel in his career, the demand for his autographed items, including footballs, remains strong.

Table: Examples of Patrick Mahomes Autographed Footballs and Their Values

Here are a few examples of Patrick Mahomes signed footballs along with their approximate values based on the factors mentioned above:

Item Authentication Condition Value Range
Kansas City Chiefs Lunar Eclipse Helmet Beckett Excellent $500 – $800
Kansas City Chiefs Rawlings White Football Beckett Very Good $300 – $500
Texas Tech Red Schutt Mini Helmet JSA (James Spence) Excellent $250 – $400


In the world of sports memorabilia collecting, the value of a Patrick Mahomes signed football is a dynamic concept influenced by authenticity, rarity, condition, and market demand. Collectors and enthusiasts alike hold his autographed items in high regard, making them sought-after treasures. As of now, the approximate values provided in the table offer insights into what collectors might expect, but it’s essential to stay updated with the market trends and expert opinions for accurate valuation.

Remember, the worth of a Patrick Mahomes signed football goes beyond its monetary value; it represents a connection to a talented athlete and a cherished piece of football history.

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