How To Add A Co Manager In Yahoo Fantasy Football

How to Add a Co-Manager in Yahoo Fantasy Football

In the dynamic world of fantasy football, teamwork can make all the difference. Adding a co-manager to your Yahoo Fantasy Football team allows you to share the responsibilities and strategies, enhancing your chances of success. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of adding a co-manager to your team, and provide insights into managing your league effectively.

How Does Adding a Co-Manager Work?

Join forces to beat the competition! Inviting a co-manager enables you to grant another individual, whether a friend or colleague, access to your fantasy football team. They can perform almost all the tasks you can, except for making changes to the “Edit Team Information” page. Additionally, co-managers can participate in player selection during live drafts if the main manager isn’t present in the lobby.

Adding a Co-Manager: Step by Step

  1. Log into Your Yahoo Fantasy Football Account: Access your account on the Yahoo Fantasy Football platform.
  2. Navigate to Team Management: Find and click on the option that leads you to team management.
  3. Invite Co-Manager: Look for the “Invite Co-Manager” button and click on it.
  4. Enter Co-Manager’s Information: Provide the email address or Yahoo ID of the person you want to invite as a co-manager.
  5. Send Invitation: After entering the required details, send the invitation to your chosen co-manager.
  6. Confirmation: Your co-manager will receive an email invitation. They need to accept the invitation to become a co-manager of your team.

Managing Co-Managers and Settings

Removing or Locking a Co-Manager

If a co-manager isn’t contributing as expected, you have the power to manage your co-managers through the “Co-Manager Settings.” You can remove or lock a co-manager’s access based on your needs.

Commissioner Duties and League Management

Managing a fantasy league can be both rewarding and overwhelming. If you find yourself needing assistance or wish to pass on the reins, you can assign or change a commissioner or co-commissioner. Whether it’s during an active league or after the season concludes, you have the flexibility to make changes.

Making Your Email Address Viewable

For those aspiring to be a commissioner, ensure that your email address is viewable. This is a prerequisite for taking on the role.

Passing on Commissioner Duties

If you’re not planning to continue as the commissioner in the upcoming season, you can transfer your duties to another manager even after the current season ends.

Transferring Teams and League Management

As a commissioner, you hold the authority to reassign a team to a new manager at any point. However, remember that this process differs based on league type. Commissioners of Private Prize Leagues need to follow specific steps, while team transfers are not possible in Public Free or Public Prize Leagues.

Engaging with the Fantasy Football Community

A thriving fantasy football community provides a platform for sharing knowledge, advice, and discussions. Connect with fellow team managers and league commissioners to delve into league settings, exchange roster insights, and stay updated on fantasy-relevant hockey news.

Remember to adhere to the community rules and consult the available resources as you strive to conquer your fantasy leagues.


Adding a co-manager to your Yahoo Fantasy Football team can amplify your league management experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly invite a co-manager to collaborate on strategic decisions, live drafts, and other league tasks. Additionally, understanding commissioner responsibilities and league management tactics will contribute to a successful fantasy football journey. So go ahead, assemble your fantasy dream team, and dominate the league!

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