How To Auto Draft In Yahoo Fantasy Football

How To Auto Draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football

Are you new to Fantasy Football and wondering how to effectively use the Auto Draft feature in Yahoo Fantasy Football? We’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll explain how Auto Draft works, how to optimize your player selections, and provide some useful tips for a successful Auto Draft experience.

What is Auto Draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

Auto Draft is a valuable feature in Yahoo Fantasy Football that ensures you don’t miss out on building your team even if you can’t actively participate in the draft. Whether you’re unavailable during the draft or simply want to rely on pre-ranked players, Auto Draft has your back. This feature automatically selects players for your team based on your pre-determined rankings and preferences.

How Does Auto Draft Work?

Auto Draft prioritizes the players you’ve pre-ranked according to your preferences. If you haven’t ranked any players, the system will default to Yahoo Sports’ rankings. This means it’s essential to pre-rank players to ensure you get the team you desire. Auto Draft serves as your virtual draft manager, making selections on your behalf according to the rankings you’ve set.

Live Standard Draft vs. Autopick Draft

Live Standard Draft:

In a Live Standard Draft, managers actively participate and make their picks in real-time. However, if you’re unable to attend the draft, the Auto Draft feature ensures your team is still selected based on your pre-rankings.

Autopick Draft:

The Autopick Draft is ideal if you anticipate missing the entire draft. It guarantees your roster is filled, but it’s important to pre-rank players to influence the selections made by the Auto Draft system.

Strategies for a Successful Auto Draft

When using Auto Draft, consider implementing these strategies to maximize your chances of building a winning team:

  1. Pre-Rank Players: Your pre-ranked players will heavily influence the selections made by Auto Draft. Prioritize your preferred players to ensure you get a lineup you’re satisfied with.
  2. Position Priority: Arrange your rankings based on position importance. Start with the positions that have fewer top-tier players available, such as running backs and wide receivers.
  3. Exclude Kickers and Defenses: Consider excluding kickers and defenses from your draft list, as these positions can be drafted in the later rounds.
  4. Quarterbacks and Remaining TEs: Follow up with quarterbacks and any remaining tight ends after prioritizing running backs and wide receivers.
  5. Use the “DO NOT DRAFT” List: Utilize the “DO NOT DRAFT” list to prevent Auto Draft from selecting players you’re not interested in.

Additional Tips and Information

  • Auto Draft ensures that even if you’re unavailable, your team will be selected.
  • If you manage multiple teams, pre-rank players once and easily apply those settings to your other teams.
  • In Public Autopick leagues, your draft might be delayed to fill live draft leagues first. Your team will still be drafted by the system.

Remember, your draft will typically occur once your league is full. Additionally, teams set to “Ready” before the football season starts are guaranteed to be drafted before the first game.

For further assistance and advice, consider reaching out to the Yahoo Fantasy Sports community or exploring online resources for strategies tailored to Auto Draft.

With these insights and strategies, you’re well-equipped to make the most of the Auto Draft feature in Yahoo Fantasy Football and build a competitive team that stands a chance at victory. Happy drafting!

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