How To Auto Draft Yahoo Fantasy Football

How to Auto Draft Yahoo Fantasy Football

Are you wondering how to take advantage of Yahoo Fantasy Football’s Auto Draft feature? Whether you’re new to fantasy football or just looking for a convenient way to assemble your roster, Auto Draft can save you time and ensure you have a competitive team. Let’s dive into the details and guide you through the process.

What is Auto Draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

Auto Draft is a feature that ensures you have a competitive team even if you miss your draft turn or are unable to participate in the live draft. It automatically selects players for your team based on your pre-ranked player preferences. If you haven’t set any pre-rankings, Yahoo Sports default rankings will be used as a fallback. This feature is particularly useful for those who can’t actively participate in the draft but still want a chance at winning.

How Does Auto Draft Work?

Auto Draft works by following your pre-ranked player list. If you’ve ranked players according to your preferences, the system will prioritize those rankings. However, if you haven’t pre-ranked players, Yahoo Sports default rankings will be utilized to make selections for your team. To maximize the effectiveness of Auto Draft, make sure to pre-rank players based on your strategy and preferences.

Using Auto Draft for Different Draft Formats

Yahoo Fantasy Football offers various draft formats to suit different preferences and strategies. Here’s a breakdown of using Auto Draft for different draft formats:

Live Standard Draft and Autopick Draft:

Auto Draft is a great solution for both Live Standard Drafts and Autopick Drafts. If you’re unable to attend the live draft, Auto Draft ensures that your team is still competitive based on your pre-ranked player preferences.

Live Salary Cap Draft:

In the case of Live Salary Cap Drafts, it’s recommended to participate in the draft live if possible. This is because other managers might outbid the autopick system for highly desired players. Autopick is limited to bidding up to 120% of the default value or your pre-draft value.

Managing Multiple Teams:

If you’re managing multiple teams in different leagues, you only need to pre-rank players once. You can then export your settings from one team to another, streamlining the process and saving you time.

Maximizing Auto Draft Strategy

  • Prioritize Your Rankings: Pre-rank players based on your strategy and preferences to ensure that Auto Draft selects players aligned with your vision for the team.
  • Exclude Unwanted Players: Utilize the “Do Not Draft” list to exclude players you don’t want on your team, such as kickers and defenses. This will help you avoid unwanted selections during Auto Draft.
  • Customize Your Rankings: Tailor your pre-rankings to reflect your priorities. Place wide receivers (WR) and running backs (RB) at the top of your list, followed by quarterbacks (QB) and remaining tight ends (TE).


Auto Draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football is a valuable tool that allows you to build a competitive team even if you can’t participate in the live draft. By pre-ranking players according to your strategy, you can ensure that the selections made align with your preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy football player or new to the game, Auto Draft provides a convenient solution for assembling a winning roster.

Remember, the key to successful Auto Drafting is setting your pre-rankings wisely. With this approach, you’ll have a strong team ready to compete in your fantasy football league.

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