How To Change Draft Order In Yahoo Fantasy Football

How To Change Draft Order In Yahoo Fantasy Football

If you’re the commissioner of a Yahoo Fantasy Football league, you hold the key to setting up and managing the draft process. This guide will walk you through the steps to change the draft order in Yahoo Fantasy Football, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable drafting experience for all participants.

Changing Draft Order – Your Responsibility as a Commissioner

As the commissioner of your league, it’s imperative to set things up ahead of time and ensure that the draft runs without a hitch. One crucial aspect is managing the draft order. Here’s how you can change the draft order in Yahoo Fantasy Football:

Step 1: Finalize Your Team List

Before diving into the draft order, ensure that your team list is complete. Remember, no new managers can join once you’ve finalized this list.

Live Standard Drafts:

In live standard drafts, managers select players in a pre-defined order. If you’re running this type of draft, you can follow these steps to manage the order effectively.

Salary Cap Drafts:

Salary cap drafts allow more flexibility in player selection, but the order remains a critical factor. Here’s how you can manage the draft order in salary cap drafts.

Managing Overlapping Draft Times

If you’re participating in multiple leagues and face overlapping draft times, you can use separate browser windows for each draft to keep things organized.

Quick Breaks and Pausing Drafts

Unexpected situations can arise during a draft. Yahoo Fantasy Football allows you to pause the draft up to 20 times for a maximum of 60 minutes each time. This feature is useful when a quick break is needed.

Undoing Draft Picks

Sometimes, draft picks need to be undone. While the draft is paused, you can select players to undo individual picks or even undo all picks at once.

Resetting the Draft

If certain pre-draft adjustments are necessary, such as editing roster positions or switching to autopick, you can reset the draft. Be cautious, as this action will permanently delete all draft-related results, stats, and transactions.

Draft Party and Presenter Mode

When hosting a draft party, you can present the draft to everyone without revealing your personal draft room. This is a great way to keep the focus on the excitement of the draft.

Customizing Draft Display

Yahoo Fantasy Football allows you to toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode for a customized drafting experience. Choose the mode that suits you best.

Managing Draft Chat

You can hide draft pick selection messages in the chat to maintain a focused conversation during the draft. Adjust this setting in the Draft Settings menu.


As the commissioner, your role is pivotal in ensuring a successful draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football. Whether you’re setting the draft order, managing pauses, or customizing the display, these steps will help you orchestrate a smooth drafting process. Remember, your league members are relying on your expertise to create an engaging and fair experience.

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