How To Change Managers In Yahoo Fantasy Football

How to Change Managers in Yahoo Fantasy Football

Are you looking to change managers in your Yahoo Fantasy Football league? Whether you’re seeking to pass on the commissioner duties or bring in a new co-manager, Yahoo Fantasy Football provides a straightforward process to make these changes. Let’s dive into the steps you need to follow for a seamless transition of managerial responsibilities.

Can Managers Be Changed in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

Yes, you have the ability to change managers in Yahoo Fantasy Football. Commissioners have the authority to reassign a team to a new manager at any time. However, if you’re a commissioner of a Private Prize League, there are a few additional steps to consider. You’ll need to cancel the contest and unlock the team list before proceeding with the manager change.

Note: It’s important to mention that team transfers are not possible in Public Free or Public Prize Leagues.

Steps to Change Managers

1. Cancel the Contest (For Private Prize Leagues Only)

Before you can reassign a team to a new manager in a Private Prize League, you need to cancel the contest and unlock the team list. This step is necessary to ensure a smooth transition of managerial responsibilities.

2. Transfer Managerial Duties

Once the necessary preparations are made, commissioners can proceed to transfer the managerial duties to a new manager. If you’re no longer planning to serve as the commissioner in the upcoming season, you can hand over the reins even after the current season ends.

3. Make Your Email Address Viewable

To be eligible as a commissioner, your email address must be viewable. This ensures that communication within the league remains effective and transparent.

4. Manage Team Info for Added Personality

Enhance the experience for all participants in your league by adding a dash of personality to your Yahoo Fantasy teams. You can achieve this by updating your team information, including creating an engaging team name, changing your team’s image or logo, and editing preferences.

5. Commissioner Access and Editing

In Yahoo Fantasy Private Leagues, commissioners have full access to edit team and roster information. This access cannot be restricted by anyone within the league. However, it’s important to note that commissioners cannot edit individual team info.

6. Auto-Adding Manager-Less Teams

For leagues with an odd number of managers during the draft, Yahoo Fantasy Football automatically adds a manager-less team to ensure parity. This feature applies to Head-to-head Points, Categories, or One Win leagues. To initiate this process, your league must have a minimum of 5 confirmed managers. After the draft, the commissioner can then transfer team management to any newly invited manager.


Changing managers in Yahoo Fantasy Football is a manageable process that offers flexibility and control to league commissioners. Whether you’re looking to switch managers mid-season, prepare for the upcoming season, or add a personal touch to your team’s identity, Yahoo Fantasy Football provides the tools to make these changes smoothly. Follow the steps outlined above to ensure a successful transition of managerial responsibilities in your league.

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