How To Edit Draft Order On Yahoo Fantasy Football

How To Edit Draft Order On Yahoo Fantasy Football

As the commissioner of your fantasy football league, you play a crucial role in ensuring that the draft process runs smoothly and efficiently. One of the important tasks is editing the draft order to create a fair and balanced playing field. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of editing the draft order on Yahoo Fantasy Football.

1. Finalize Your Team List

Before you dive into editing the draft order, make sure to finalize your team list. Once this step is completed, no new managers can join the league. This ensures that the draft is organized and well-prepared.

2. Live Standard Drafts

In the case of Live Standard Drafts, the process for editing the draft order is straightforward. Yahoo Fantasy Football provides you with tools to easily adjust the order of draft picks, ensuring that each manager has a chance to select their desired players.

3. Salary Cap Drafts

For Salary Cap Drafts, the process remains equally manageable. As the commissioner, you can rearrange the draft order to accommodate the unique dynamics of this draft format.

4. Managing Multiple Drafts

If you’re participating in or overseeing multiple leagues with overlapping draft times, Yahoo Fantasy Football allows you to open drafts in separate browser windows. This feature, utilizing browsers like Firefox and Chrome, ensures that each draft is managed independently, minimizing confusion.

5. Pausing the Draft

Unforeseen situations may arise during the draft, requiring a quick pause. Yahoo Fantasy Football allows you to pause the draft up to 20 times, with each pause lasting up to 60 minutes. This feature provides flexibility in managing breaks and addressing unexpected interruptions.

6. Undoing Draft Picks

Mistakes happen, and Yahoo Fantasy Football provides an option to undo draft picks. While the draft is paused, you can utilize the “Select All” feature to undo every pick or choose specific players to undo individual selections.

7. Resetting the Draft

If you encounter situations where a manager didn’t join the league pre-draft, need to edit roster positions, or switch to autopick, Yahoo Fantasy Football offers a solution. You can reset the draft, but keep in mind that this action will permanently delete all results, stats, and transactions from the ongoing draft.

8. Presenting the Draft

Hosting a draft party with family and friends? Yahoo Fantasy Football enables you to present the draft to everyone without revealing your personal draft room. However, note that draft selections cannot be made from the Presenter Mode window.

9. Customizing Draft Settings

You have the option to customize your draft experience by toggling between Dark Mode and Light Mode from the Draft Settings menu. This feature enhances your comfort while managing the draft process.

10. Hiding Draft Picks in Chat

To streamline draft conversations, Yahoo Fantasy Football allows you to hide draft pick selection messages in the chat. This can be done by enabling or disabling the draft pick selection messages through the Draft Settings menu.

In conclusion, as the commissioner of your fantasy football league, you hold the responsibility of ensuring a smooth draft process. Editing the draft order on Yahoo Fantasy Football is a fundamental aspect of this responsibility. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate through various draft formats, manage pauses and resets, and customize the draft experience for everyone involved. Yahoo Fantasy Football provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you create an engaging and enjoyable draft process for all managers.

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