How To Set Auto Draft On Yahoo Fantasy Football

How to Set Auto Draft on Yahoo Fantasy Football

Are you new to fantasy football and wondering how to set up auto draft on Yahoo Fantasy Football? In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of using the autopick feature to ensure you don’t miss out on building a winning roster. Let’s get started!

What is Autopick and Why Use It?

Autopick is a feature on Yahoo Fantasy Football that ensures you have a competitive roster even if you’re unable to actively participate in the draft. It automatically selects players based on your pre-ranked preferences and Yahoo Sports default rankings. This way, you have a shot at victory even if you can’t make your draft turn or attend the entire draft session.

How Does Autopick Work?

Autopick operates by using your pre-ranked players list to make selections on your behalf. If you’ve ranked players according to your preferences, Autopick will prioritize those choices. However, if you haven’t pre-ranked players for specific positions, it will fall back on Yahoo Sports default rankings to fill in the gaps.

Steps to Set Up Autopick Draft:

  1. Log In: Access your Yahoo Fantasy Football account and navigate to the league dashboard.
  2. Access Draft Settings: Find the league’s draft settings. Look for the option to enable “Autopick” or “Autodraft.”
  3. Pre-Rank Players: Prioritize your favorite players by pre-ranking them. This list will guide Autopick’s selections.
  4. Review Default Rankings: If you don’t pre-rank players, Yahoo Sports default rankings will come into play. Ensure you’re familiar with these rankings.
  5. Save Settings: After pre-ranking and reviewing, save your draft settings. This will activate Autopick for the draft.

Live Standard Draft vs. Autopick Draft:

It’s essential to note that there are two main draft formats: live standard draft and autopick draft.

Live Standard Draft:

In a live standard draft, you and your league members actively make selections during the draft session. Autopick is useful if you can’t attend or miss your turn.

Autopick Draft:

Autopick draft is suitable for those who can’t participate actively. It ensures you still get a competitive roster based on your preferences.

Tips for Autopick Success:

  • Pre-Rank Players: Your pre-ranked players list is crucial. Make sure to include players you want on your team.
  • Manage Multiple Teams: If you manage multiple teams across different leagues, pre-rank players once and apply your settings to all teams.
  • Strategic Exclusions: Consider excluding kickers and defenses from your pre-ranked list if you prefer to choose them after the draft.
  • Check Settings: Review your draft settings to ensure Autopick is enabled and your preferences are saved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I adjust player rankings on the Yahoo app for an autopick draft?

A: Unfortunately, player rankings adjustments for autopick drafts are typically available on tablets/PCs rather than the app.

Q: How do I end up with kickers and defenses using this strategy?

A: If you’ve excluded kickers and defenses from your pre-ranked list, you can manually add them to your team after the draft concludes.

As the football season approaches, ensure your fantasy team is ready to compete with the help of Autopick on Yahoo Fantasy Football. Don’t let your absence hinder your chances of victory. Set up Autopick and enjoy the thrill of fantasy football even when you can’t be there in person. Remember, “Humans need fantasy to be human.”

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