How To Set Up Auto Draft In Yahoo Fantasy Football

How To Set Up Auto Draft In Yahoo Fantasy Football

If you’re an avid fantasy football player, you understand the importance of being prepared for the draft. But what happens if you can’t make it to your draft turn or even the entire draft? That’s where the Auto Draft feature in Yahoo Fantasy Football comes to your rescue. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of setting up Auto Draft so you can ensure you still have a competitive roster, even if you can’t be present for the draft.

What Is Auto Draft?

Auto Draft, also known as Autopick, is a feature that guarantees every manager a roster even if they miss their draft turn or the entire draft event. The system makes player selections based on the pre-ranked players you’ve selected. If your preferences aren’t available, the system will default to Yahoo Sports’ rankings. To maximize your chances of building the team you want, it’s crucial to pre-rank your desired players.

How To Enable Auto Draft

  1. Log In to Your Yahoo Fantasy Football Account: Make sure you’re logged in to your Yahoo Fantasy Football account.
  2. Access Your Team Page: Navigate to your main team page.
  3. Edit Auto-Pick Strategy: Before the draft begins, you’ll find the “Edit Auto-Pick Strategy” link. Click on this link to proceed.
  4. Customize Your Strategy: On the editing page, you’ll see each draft round presented with a pulldown menu. In this menu, you can select the positions you want to draft for each round.
  5. Save Your Strategy: Once you’ve customized your draft strategy, make sure to save your changes.

Live Draft vs. Autopick Draft

Yahoo Fantasy Football offers two primary draft formats: Live Standard Draft and Autopick Draft. If you’re participating in a Live Salary Cap Draft, it’s advisable to be present as other managers can outbid the autopick system for the most sought-after players. Autopick Drafts, on the other hand, automate the draft process based on your pre-ranked players, saving you the need to be online during the draft.

Managing Multiple Teams

If you’re managing multiple fantasy football teams in different leagues, Yahoo makes it convenient for you. Pre-rank your players once, and then export your settings from one team to another. This ensures consistency in your draft strategy across all your teams.

Final Thoughts

Setting up Auto Draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football is a smart way to ensure you don’t miss out on building a competitive roster even if you can’t make it to the draft event. By pre-ranking players and customizing your draft strategy, you increase the likelihood of getting the team you desire. Whether you’re a seasoned manager or new to fantasy football, Auto Draft offers a valuable tool for maximizing your chances of success.

Remember, if you have any more questions or need assistance with the setup process, Yahoo’s support resources are available to help you. So go ahead, set up Auto Draft, and enjoy the excitement of fantasy football season without worrying about missing your draft!

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