How To Set Up Automatic Draft In Yahoo Fantasy Football

How To Set Up Automatic Draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football

Are you new to Yahoo Fantasy Football and wondering how to set up an automatic draft? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up an automatic draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football, ensuring that you don’t miss out on building a winning roster.

What is Automatic Draft?

Automatic Draft, also known as Autopick, is a feature in Yahoo Fantasy Football that ensures you still have a competitive roster even if you’re unable to participate in the live draft. When your turn comes up, the system selects players based on your pre-ranked list. If you haven’t pre-ranked players, Yahoo’s default rankings will be used.

How Does Autopick Work?

Autopick takes your pre-ranked players into account when making selections for your team. If you haven’t set any pre-rankings, the system will fall back to Yahoo Sports’ default rankings. To make sure you end up with players you want on your team, it’s important to pre-rank the players according to your preferences.

Live Standard Draft vs. Autopick Draft

There are different draft formats in Yahoo Fantasy Football. In a Live Standard Draft, participants take turns selecting players in real-time. On the other hand, the Autopick Draft handles selections automatically based on your pre-rankings. Keep in mind that Live Salary Cap Drafts are best played in real-time to compete effectively against other managers who might outbid autopick selections for highly desired players.

Strategies for Autopick Draft

If you’re wondering about the best strategy for an Autopick Draft, here’s a simple approach you can consider:

  1. Exclude Kickers and Defenses: Remove kickers and defenses from your pre-ranked list. You can address these positions later in the season through waivers or trades.
  2. Prioritize WR and RB: Place wide receivers (WR) and running backs (RB) at the top of your pre-ranked list. These positions tend to score more points and are vital for a strong roster.
  3. Select Few TE: Keep only a few tight ends (TE) in your pre-ranked list. This allows you to focus on higher-scoring positions.
  4. Quarterbacks Followed by Remaining TE: Rank quarterbacks (QB) next on your list, followed by any remaining tight ends.

Remember, your strategy can evolve based on your preferences and the specific dynamics of your league.

How to Set Up Autopick Draft

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Fantasy Football account.
  2. Before the draft begins, go to your main team page.
  3. Look for the “Edit Auto-Pick Strategy” link.
  4. Click on the link to access the edit page.
  5. On the edit page, you’ll see each round of the draft presented.

Adjust your pre-rankings and strategy for each round to tailor your selections to your preferences.


Setting up an automatic draft in Yahoo Fantasy Football is a convenient way to ensure you still have a competitive team even if you can’t make it to the live draft. By pre-ranking players and understanding the Autopick process, you can build a roster that increases your chances of winning. Remember, drafting is just the beginning—stay engaged throughout the season by managing your team and making strategic moves.

For more information and assistance with Yahoo Fantasy Sports, you can reach out to the community on the Yahoo Fantasy Sports subreddit or contact Yahoo Fantasy Sports support through email, Twitter, or chat.

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