How To Tape Cleats For Football

Why Football Players Tape Their Cleats

In the world of football, a game that demands a whole lot of gear, there's one peculiar practice that might leave you puzzled: taping cleats. It's not a groundbreaking concept, but it's something that has many people wondering about its purpose. So, why do players tape their cleats? Well, it's a bit of a mix, actually.

Safeguarding Ankles and Enhancing Performance

Taping your cleats, also known as "spatting," serves a dual purpose. First and foremost, it's all about protecting those precious ankles. You see, football players face a significant risk of rolling or twisting their ankles during the game, and spatting helps reduce that risk. In some cases, players or trainers use so much tape that it looks like a mini leg cast! This extra layer of protection not only keeps the ankles safe but also aids in better movement and coordination during those swift, pinpoint turns on the field.

A Feeling of Security

Apart from injury prevention and improved mobility, some players just like the feeling of knowing their cleats are secure. It's like having a trusty pair of shoes that won't let you down during a critical play.

How to Spat Your Cleats

If you're thinking of spatting your cleats, it's best to seek assistance from a trainer or coach for your first time. Using the right amount of tape is crucial. Too tight, and it restricts your ankle movement; too loose, and it won't have any effect.

The Preferred Spatting Tape

Stretch tape, also known as elastic adhesive tape, is the go-to choice for spatting. It's lighter, easier to apply and remove, and doesn't require any scissor-like tools. With elastic adhesive tape, you can wrap it around your foot in one smooth motion, giving you a cleaner finish, enhanced comfort, and less bulk.

Alternatives to Tape

If you prefer not to use tape, you can explore cleat sleeves that mimic the support provided by tape.

Rule Check Before Spatting

Before you embark on your spatting adventure, always make sure to check your league's rules. You wouldn't want to wrap your ankles only to be told to remove the tape by an official once you step onto the field. Good luck and happy spatting!

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