How To Truck In Football Fusion

How to Truck in Football Fusion: Mastering the Art of Trucking Defenders

If you’re a Football Fusion enthusiast looking to improve your gameplay, mastering the skill of trucking defenders is crucial. In this guide, we’ll break down the mechanics of trucking in Football Fusion, providing you with the knowledge you need to dominate the field. Let’s dive in!

What is Trucking in Football Fusion?

Trucking in Football Fusion refers to the technique of using your ball carrier to forcefully plow through defenders, gaining extra yards and creating opportunities for your team. This aggressive move can help you break through tight defensive lines and secure those much-needed points.

How Do You Perform a Truck Move?

Executing a truck move in Football Fusion is straightforward. After receiving the handoff, follow these steps:

  1. Keyboard: Press the [R] key.
  2. Controller: Press (R1).
  3. Touchscreen: Use the designated input area.

By performing this action, your ball carrier will engage in a powerful truck move to overpower the defender in their path.

The Benefits of Trucking:

Trucking isn’t just about breaking through defenders; it also offers additional advantages for your gameplay:

  • Lower Fumble/Drop Chance: Successfully trucking defenders grants you a permanent 30% reduction in the likelihood of fumbling or dropping the ball, enhancing your team’s overall ball security.

Mastering the Trucking Technique:

To effectively truck defenders in Football Fusion, keep these tips in mind:

  • Timing: Execute the truck move at the right moment, just as you approach a defender. Timing is crucial to maximize the impact of your truck move.
  • Anticipate Defenders: Read the defenders’ movements and anticipate their positioning. This will help you choose the optimal moment to engage in a truck move.

Enhancing Your Gameplay:

While trucking is a powerful technique, mastering other aspects of Football Fusion is equally important. Consider these additional controls to elevate your performance:

  • Passing: Improve your passing accuracy and power by practicing the left-click pass. Remember, passing requires precise timing and control.
  • Diving and Blocking: Utilize the dive (E) and block (X without the ball) commands strategically to evade opponents and protect your team’s progress.
  • Handoff and Catch: As a quarterback, use the handoff (X with the ball) to initiate plays. Perfect your catching skills (Left Click/C with ball approaching) to secure receptions.
  • Hitstick (Gamepass): If you have the hitstick gamepass, incorporate it (R key) to deliver powerful tackles and disrupt opponents.

Football Fusion: A Brief Overview

  • Game Creator: XSTNS GAMES
  • Release Date: August 2019
  • Genre: Sports
  • Visits: Approximately 388,430,000
  • Gameplay: Two captains select teams, with players determined through coin toss. Quarters last 5 minutes, and winning team has the most points. Overtime rules apply if tied.


In Football Fusion, mastering the art of trucking defenders can significantly enhance your gameplay. Execute the truck move with precision, anticipate defenders’ actions, and combine it with other techniques to become a formidable player on the field. Remember, practice makes perfect, so head to the virtual gridiron and start honing your skills today!

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