Fantasy Football: Is Having 2 Kickers Beneficial?

Avoid These Fantasy Football Draft Blunders

When it comes to fantasy football, seasoned players can easily spot the rookies during a draft. Nobody wants to be the one that the rest of the league snickers about. Today, we'll help you avoid some common mistakes that could lead to a disastrous fantasy football season and some good-natured ribbing from your fellow fantasy enthusiasts.

1. Kickers Last, Always

Let's start with a golden rule: never draft a kicker until you're in the last two or three rounds. Picking your kicker last is the way to go. Taking a kicker in the third or fourth round is a recipe for laughter and probably a losing season. Kickers are important, but you'll score more points by grabbing another running back or tight end first. Build a strong roster before choosing your kicker.

2. One Kicker, No More

Drafting more than one kicker is a sure sign of inexperience in fantasy football. Trust us, there will be plenty of kickers available in the free agent pool throughout the season to cover your kicker's bye week. Wasting a roster spot on a backup kicker is a rookie move that often leads to a last-place finish in your league.

3. Don't Reach for Defense

Drafting defensive players early is another mistake many rookies make. Somewhere around the 10th round is a reasonable time to consider your defense, but remember that the core of your team should be running backs and wide receivers.

Like kickers, the difference in fantasy points between the top 10 or twelve defenses isn't huge. Drafting a defense too early can mean missing out on a player that could make your team stronger. Taking a defense late won't hurt you, and here's why.

There are usually at least 15 or more team defenses available on the free agent list. Even if your defense isn't top-tier, you can play matchups each week, and that should be enough if the rest of your team is solid.

In the grand scheme of things, having a weak defense won't prevent you from winning your fantasy league. So, don't stress too much about it.

Now that you know these three key mistakes to avoid during your fantasy football draft, you're better equipped to create a winning team. Remember, "winning isn't everything," but it sure beats losing.

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