Top-Valued 1990 Fleer Football Cards

The 10 Most Valuable 1990 Fleer Football Cards

When it comes to the word "ubiquity," imagine a box of 1990 Fleer Football cards right beside it in the dictionary. Back in 1990, you could find these cards in nearly 90% of the big stores and gas stations across America. They were right there on the shelves, probably next to Little Debbie brownies. These cards hold a lot of memories. With rookies like Junior Seau and base cards from Hall of Famers like Deion Sanders, this 400-card set remains a memorable piece of the junk-wax era. So, here are the 10 cards from this set that have truly stood the test of time.

1. Emmitt Smith #U-40

  • This card features the legendary Cowboys player getting ready to take the ball. Smith's career saw him amass an impressive 18,355 rushing yards. No wonder his rookie card regularly sells for around $125 in a PSA 10.

2. Bo Jackson #256

  • Bo Jackson's card is a standout in the '90 Fleer Football set. It has a clean design with an action shot of Jackson, the iconic L.A. colors, and the Raiders' unique helmet. This card is a real gem.

3. Deion Sanders #382

  • Despite its appealing look, only 59 of these "Neon Deion" cards have received a PSA 10, likely due to centering issues. The card features Sanders in his home white uniform, complemented by a gray-and-red border.

4. John Elway #21

  • John Elway never had a 30-TD season, but he's still one of the most lethal quarterbacks in history. His base cards like this one go for around $60 in secondary markets.

5. Warren Moon #133

  • Warren Moon's 1990 season was quite remarkable, with over 4,600 passing yards. However, only 10 of these cards made it to PSA's top grade. It seems like his greatness is often forgotten.

6. Jerry Rice #13

  • Jerry Rice's incredible '89 and '90 football seasons featured 182 catches, 30 touchdowns, a Super Bowl win, and the respect of hobbyists that endures to this day.

7. Junior Seau #U-102

  • Junior Seau, the beloved Chargers linebacker who passed away in 2012, is still remembered fondly. His rookie card is a sought-after item among fans and collectors.

8. Barry Sanders #284

  • Following his Rookie of the Year-winning campaign, Barry Sanders showcased an even more well-rounded skill set, with 36 receptions and 3 TD catches, along with his league-leading 1,304 rushing yards.

These cards from the 1990 Fleer Football set have not only held their value but also a special place in the hearts of collectors. They remind us of the great moments in football history, making them more than just pieces of cardboard.

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