Jackets Worn by Football Players on Sidelines Explained

NFL Sideline Coats: What's in a Name?

Football is more than just a game; it's a spectacle, a show, and a fashion statement. Ever wondered what those bulky jackets NFL players wear on the sidelines are called? Let's dive into the world of sideline coats for football players and uncover the essentials.

Nike: The MVP of Sideline Gear

When it comes to the biggest jackets worn by NFL players on the sidelines, there's a clear MVP – Nike. The NFL has an exclusive deal with Nike, granting them the rights to create uniforms for all 32 teams. But Nike doesn't stop at jerseys; they also craft a range of sports apparel, including sweatpants, caps, and jackets. While some of these items might pop up in retail stores like Dick's Sporting Goods, many are exclusive online offerings. Keep an eye out for special edition uniforms designed for holidays or big games; those are usually available in stores only during their respective seasons.

The Sideline Essential: Coats

Sideline coats are the unsung heroes of football fashion. Not only do they keep players cozy, but they also come equipped with handy pockets for snacks and water bottles. The choice of coat depends on the weather. In cold conditions, long coats with generous hoods are the go-to, while hot days call for shorter, hoodless versions.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The term "sideline coat" traces its origins back to the 1930s when thoughtful football coaches aimed to keep their players toasty on chilly days. Coaches often donned these coats themselves, and they occasionally served as gifts from devoted fans. Today, sideline coats have evolved into practical items for athletes and fans alike, providing warmth and shelter from the elements.

Stay Warm, Stay Dry

Sideline coats are a practical addition to a football player's wardrobe. These insulated garments keep players warm while waiting their turn or cheering from the sidelines. Rain or snow? No problem! Most sideline coats come with hoods to shield your head from the elements.

Sideline Coats Are Trending

NFL sideline coats are gaining popularity. The insulated sideline cape, a versatile piece suitable for any season, is leading the charge. These coats are built to last, enduring the wear and tear of a demanding football season. Some NFL players have even launched their own sideline coat brands, adding a touch of personal style to the game-day sidelines.

In the world of football, sideline coats are not just about fashion; they are essential for player comfort and style. So, the next time you spot your favorite player wrapped up in a cozy coat on the sidelines, you'll know there's more to it than meets the eye.

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