What Channel On Spectrum Is Thursday Night Football

What Channel On Spectrum Is Thursday Night Football?

If you're a football enthusiast and want to catch the exciting action of Thursday Night Football on Spectrum, you're in the right place. We understand the frustration of searching for the right channel, so we've done the research for you. Let's dive into the exact channels where you can watch Thursday Night Football and related content on the NFL Network and RedZone.

Understanding NFL Network and RedZone Channels

The NFL Network and RedZone channel on Spectrum can be found on different stations depending on your location. These channels provide exclusive content, including Thursday Night Football games and pre-season matchups. If you're looking forward to the upcoming third week of the NFL Preseason, starting on Thursday, August 24th, we've got you covered.

Where to Watch NFL Network on Spectrum

To enjoy the NFL Network on Spectrum, simply tune in to Channel 310 in most areas. However, for specific locations, there are designated channels for your convenience:

  • In New York, find the NFL Network on Channel 310 and NFL RedZone on Channel 311.
  • For Albany residents, the NFL Network is available on Channel 74.
  • If you're in Buffalo, catch the NFL Network on Channel 96.

For NFL fans residing in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Anaheim:

  • NFL Network: Channel 310
  • NFL RedZone: Channel 311

In Long Beach and Bakersfield, the channel numbers differ:

  • Long Beach: NFL Network on channels 39 and 732, RedZone on channels 425 and 731.
  • Bakersfield: NFL Network on channels 52 and 116, RedZone on Channel 117.

Texas residents, rejoice! Catch the action in most areas:

  • NFL Network: Channel 310
  • NFL RedZone: Channel 311

However, Dallas subscribers have their specific channels:

  • Dallas NFL Network: Channels 30 and 738
  • Dallas NFL RedZone: Channels 323 and 739

The good news continues for fans in North Carolina:

  • NFL Network: Channel 310
  • NFL RedZone: Channel 311

This holds true for Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh. Kansas City follows suit:

  • Kansas City NFL Network: Channel 310
  • Kansas City NFL RedZone: Channel 311

Kentucky residents can also enjoy the game:

  • NFL Network: Channel 547
  • NFL RedZone: Channels 548 and 919

Cleveland and Cincinnati viewers, mark your calendars:

  • Cleveland NFL Network: Channels 346 and 1346
  • Cleveland NFL RedZone: Channel 1347

Columbus stands apart in Ohio:

  • Columbus NFL Network: Channel 547
  • Columbus NFL RedZone: Channels 548 and 919

With this comprehensive channel information, you'll never miss a moment of Thursday Night Football action on Spectrum. Whether you're in the heart of New York, the excitement of Los Angeles, or the charm of North Carolina, your favorite football content is just a remote click away.

Don't waste any more time searching – tune in and enjoy the game!

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