What Does Pmr Mean In Fantasy Football

What Does PMR Mean in Fantasy Football?

If you’re new to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), particularly on the popular platform DraftKings, you might find yourself puzzled by the jargon and acronyms used. Among these terms is “PMR,” which stands for “Player Minutes Remaining.” But what exactly does PMR mean in the context of fantasy football? Let’s dive into this term and gain a better understanding.

Understanding PMR (Player Minutes Remaining)

PMR, or Player Minutes Remaining, refers to the amount of game time left for the players in a participant’s DFS lineup. In sports like football or baseball, where games are divided into quarters or periods, PMR becomes a valuable metric. It provides insights into the time players have left to contribute to your fantasy team’s performance.

However, it’s important to note that PMR doesn’t guarantee that a player will play all or even some of the remaining minutes. Factors such as a player’s performance, coach’s decisions, injuries, and other game dynamics can influence whether a player actually participates in the time left.

DraftKings provides a glossary of terms to help DFS enthusiasts navigate the complexities of the platform. Similar acronyms are used in different sports to signify time-related metrics. For instance:

  • PIR (Player Innings Remaining): Used in baseball and softball to indicate the number of innings a player has yet to participate in.
  • PLR (Player Laps Remaining): Relevant in racing sports, this term indicates the number of laps a player has yet to complete.
  • PHR (Player Holes Remaining): In golf, PHR denotes the number of holes a player has yet to play.

Putting PMR into Practice

Imagine you’re participating in a DFS football contest on DraftKings. Your lineup consists of various players from different teams. As the game progresses, your players accumulate fantasy points based on their real-time performance. PMR becomes crucial in helping you gauge the potential impact of your players on your overall fantasy score.

For instance, if you have a star quarterback in your lineup, knowing that there are still significant PMR can be reassuring. It means your quarterback has more opportunities to throw touchdowns, make successful passes, and contribute to your fantasy points.


In the dynamic world of fantasy football, understanding terms like PMR can give you a competitive edge. By grasping the concept of Player Minutes Remaining, you’ll be better equipped to strategize and make informed decisions when building your DFS lineup. Remember that PMR serves as a time-based indicator, allowing you to anticipate the potential contributions of your selected players as the game unfolds.

As you explore the DraftKings platform and engage in various contests, the knowledge of PMR and related metrics will enhance your overall DFS experience. So, next time you’re setting up your lineup, you’ll have a clearer picture of how much game time your players have left to make an impact.

Disclaimer: This article provides information solely on the meaning and significance of “PMR” in fantasy football, particularly in the context of DraftKings’ DFS platform. It does not offer financial, betting, or investment advice. For any financial decisions related to fantasy sports or betting, consult relevant experts or refer to reliable sources.

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