What Draft Position Is Best In Fantasy Football

What Draft Position Is Best In Fantasy Football?

Your fantasy football draft position holds a significant influence over the team you assemble. While it’s possible to create a championship-winning team from any position, certain draft spots offer distinct advantages. The ideal draft position can vary each year based on the evolving fantasy landscape. In 2023, what’s shaping up as the best draft position? Let’s delve into the numbers to uncover surprising insights.

Best Draft Position for 12-Team PPR Leagues

Question: What draft position is considered optimal for 12-Team PPR leagues based on ADP?

In 12-Team PPR leagues, the optimal draft position is a crucial consideration. Using the most recent fantasy ADP data, we’ve determined the best draft positions for both 12-Team PPR and Half-PPR leagues. These rankings provide a clear overview of draft value based on each position.

Best Draft Position for 12-Team Half-PPR Leagues

Question: What draft position offers the greatest advantage in 12-Team Half-PPR leagues according to ADP?

Surprisingly, the No. 1 pick isn’t the ultimate choice for 12-Team PPR leagues. Despite projections placing Justin Jefferson as a top fantasy player, the No. 11 pick emerges as the most valuable, closely followed by pick No. 10. Wide receivers like Stefon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, Davante Adams, and Amon-Ra St. Brown prove to be strong selections near the Round 1/2 turn. Notably, the No. 11 pick also provides value in QB Lamar Jackson (Round 4) and RB Alexander Mattison (Round 5).

The Underestimated No. 12 Spot

Question: Is the No. 12 draft position disadvantageous in 12-Team PPR leagues?

Interestingly, the No. 12 draft position ranks as the least favorable choice in 12-Team PPR leagues, as per ADP. Projections indicate that Nick Chubb (Round 1), A.J. Brown (Round 2), Calvin Ridley (Round 3), and Dalvin Cook (Round 6) are poor value picks from this spot. Following closely, the No. 2, 3, and 4 positions also present challenges.

Optimal Draft Position for 12-Team Half-PPR Leagues

Question: What draft position is recommended for 12-Team Half-PPR leagues based on ADP?

Interestingly, the No. 1 pick shines as the second-best draft position in 12-Team Half-PPR leagues according to ADP. However, the coveted top spot belongs to pick No. 10. Delving into the player placement data by draft position provides valuable insights into the optimal choices for each round.

Pursuing Value: The Key to Success

Question: What strategy should fantasy football drafters follow to achieve success?

To maximize your fantasy football draft strategy, pursuing value is paramount. While we’ve explored the best draft positions based on ADP, it’s important to note that following ADP alone might not yield optimal results. Diving deeper into projections and player performance can help you make informed decisions that outwit your competition.


Drafting a winning fantasy football team is a delicate balance of strategy, player analysis, and understanding the landscape. While certain draft positions might seem superior, it’s essential to tailor your picks based on projections and value. By focusing on value and making informed decisions, you can craft a team that outperforms expectations, regardless of your draft position.

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