What Is A Survivor Pool In Fantasy Football

What Is A Survivor Pool In Fantasy Football

If you’re a fantasy football enthusiast looking for an exhilarating challenge that adds a competitive twist to the regular football season, then you might have come across the term “Survivor Pool.” Also known as knockout pools, elimination pools, or last man standing pools, Survivor Football Leagues offer a thrilling way to engage with the sport. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of what a Survivor Pool is and how it works, allowing you to outlast your opponents and claim victory.

Understanding Survivor Football Pools

Q: What is a Survivor Football Pool?
A Survivor Football pool, also referred to as a knockout pool, elimination pool, suicide pool, last man standing pool, or survivor pick ’em pool, is a unique competition that challenges participants to showcase their strategic skills and football knowledge. The goal is simple: outlast your fellow competitors throughout the regular football season.

Q: How does it work?
Each week, participants select one football team they believe will emerge victorious in their game. If the chosen team wins, the participant continues in the competition. However, if the selected team loses, they’re eliminated from the pool. The process continues week after week, and the excitement builds as participants strategically analyze matchups and make their selections.

Quick and Simple Gameplay

Q: Is Survivor Football time-consuming?
No, Survivor Football is designed for those who seek excitement without dedicating excessive time. The concept is straightforward: choose one football team each week to secure a win. If your chosen team wins, you remain in the pool; if they lose, you’re eliminated. The simplicity of the game ensures that anyone can participate, regardless of their level of football expertise.

Q: How quick are the picks?
Picking a winning team takes less than a minute, making Survivor Football a convenient option for those with busy schedules. Unlike traditional fantasy leagues that involve managing individual players, Survivor pools focus solely on team outcomes. Plus, if you forget to make a pick, the AutoPick feature can step in and make a choice on your behalf.

Q: Can the gameplay be enhanced?
Absolutely! To add more excitement, Survivor leagues can incorporate variations such as a 2nd place bracket or buybacks. This spices up the competition, creating additional opportunities for participants to stay engaged and prolong their participation.

Expanding Competition with Survivor Pools

Q: How does Survivor pool increase competition?
Unlike traditional Fantasy Football leagues, where limited available starters and skill players set a maximum of 16 teams, Survivor pools can accommodate a far larger number of participants. By focusing on team selections rather than individual players, these pools enable leagues with hundreds, or even thousands, of entries. This expands the scope of competition, allowing more enthusiasts to join in.

Ease of Running a Survivor Pool

Q: How complex is running a Survivor Pool?
Running a Survivor pool is surprisingly simple, thanks to platforms like OfficePoolStop.com. The role of a league commissioner involves occasional updates to the league homepage and fostering interaction among participants. Most operational aspects are handled by the platform, streamlining the experience.

Q: Want to try it out?
If you’re intrigued but not ready to manage your own Survivor league, you can participate in the OfficePoolStop Survivor Challenge pool for free. Plus, there’s a prize waiting for the winner, adding an extra layer of incentive to test your skills.


Survivor Football pools bring a fresh and exciting dimension to the world of fantasy football. By focusing on team outcomes and elimination-based gameplay, these pools offer a unique challenge that appeals to both football enthusiasts and those seeking a thrilling competition. So, whether you’re ready to start your own Survivor League or want to join an existing challenge, prepare to strategize, select, and outlast your opponents in the ultimate quest to be the last man standing.

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