What Is The Best Draft Position In Fantasy Football

What Is the Best Draft Position in Fantasy Football?

Your draft position in fantasy football can significantly impact the success of your team. While it’s true that you can build a championship-winning team from any spot, certain draft positions offer distinct advantages over others. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of the best draft position in fantasy football, focusing on the 2023 season. We’ll analyze different league formats, delve into rankings, and provide strategies to beat your draft position for an edge over your competition.

Which Draft Position Is Ideal in 2023?

Determining the best draft position in fantasy football is a nuanced process that changes each year due to the evolving fantasy landscape. In 2023, we’ve crunched the numbers and uncovered some surprising results. Let’s take a closer look at the optimal draft positions for both 12-team PPR and half-PPR leagues.

Best Draft Position for 12-Team PPR Leagues

In 12-team PPR leagues, draft position is crucial. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the No. 1 pick isn’t the best choice. Our analysis shows that the No. 11 pick holds the most value, closely followed by pick No. 10. Players like WRs Stefon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, Davante Adams, and Amon-Ra St. Brown shine as strong picks near the Round 1/2 turn. Notably, the No. 11 pick also presents great values in QB Lamar Jackson (Round 4) and RB Alexander Mattison (Round 5).

Interestingly, the No. 12 spot ranks as the least favorable draft position in 12-team PPR leagues according to ADP. Our projections indicate that players like Nick Chubb, A.J. Brown, Calvin Ridley, and Dalvin Cook are poor values from this spot. Following No. 12, the No. 2, 3, and 4 positions are the next least advantageous.

Best Draft Position for 12-Team Half-PPR Leagues

In 12-team half-PPR leagues, the landscape shifts slightly. Surprisingly, the No. 1 pick is the second-best draft position, while pick No. 10 emerges as the top choice. This position offers strong values in each of the first six rounds. Notable players such as Joe Mixon (Round 4) and Tyler Lockett (Round 6) are projected as optimal selections.

However, drafting from the No. 9 spot in half-PPR leagues is less favorable. Players like Jahmyr Gibbs, George Kittle, and Christian Kirk are considered poor values from this position.

Beating Your Draft Position with DMVP Points

To gain an edge over your competition, it’s essential to understand DMVP points. These points, which reflect the total fantasy value of players, provide insights into how to outsmart your opponents regardless of your draft position. The following table illustrates the DMVP points for each draft position in a 12-team PPR league, based on the most recent fantasy ADP data:

Draft Position Total DMVP Points
1 XX.X
2 XX.X
12 XX.X

Using DMVP points, you can optimize your draft strategy to maximize your team’s potential. Pursuing value is key, and there’s a way to achieve even greater success.

Unleashing the Full Potential: Custom Draft Strategy

While drafting based on ADP is a common approach, it’s not the most optimal one. You can do better by customizing your draft strategy using dynamic tools like the Draft War Room’s fantasy football cheat sheet. Our analysis reveals that this approach can lead to a significant increase in total DMVP value.

For instance, drafting using Draft Sharks player rankings resulted in a 9.4% increase in DMVP points compared to picking straight from ADP at the No. 1 spot in a 12-team PPR draft. Moreover, it’s an 8.0% improvement over selecting from ADP at the No. 11 spot, previously identified as the best draft position by ADP alone.


In fantasy football, the best draft position is a dynamic concept that varies each season. For 2023, our analysis indicates that the No. 11 pick holds significant value in 12-team PPR leagues, while pick No. 10 shines in half-PPR leagues. However, DMVP points and customized draft strategies can empower you to outwit your competition, regardless of your draft position. Remember, the key to success lies in optimizing value and staying ahead of the curve. So, as you prepare for your fantasy football draft, consider these insights to build a winning team that dominates the competition.

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