What It Was Was Football By Andy Griffith Lyrics

What It Was, Was Football: Decoding Andy Griffith’s Hilarious Lyrics

If you’ve ever come across the lyrics “What It Was, Was Football” by Andy Griffith, you might have found yourself in a chuckle-inducing maze of confusion. Fear not, as we’re here to unravel the comedic brilliance behind this iconic song. Let’s dive into the whimsical world of Andy Griffith’s lyrics and explore the hidden gems within.

What is “What It Was, Was Football” and Why is it Unavailable?

Have you ever searched for the song “What It Was, Was Football” by Andy Griffith only to be greeted with the disappointing message that it’s currently unavailable in your area? The reason behind this unavailability lies in regional restrictions imposed on the song’s distribution. The song is part of the “50’s Collection, Pop and Doo Wop, Vol. 4” by Andy Griffith, and while the lyrics aren’t accessible everywhere, we’re here to shed light on the amusement that lies within.

Unraveling the Hilarious Storytelling

Picture this: It was last October, and Andy Griffith found himself in a college town, preparing for a tent service. In the midst of a hungry excursion, he stumbled upon a sign that read, “Get something to Eat Here.” As he got his hands on hot dogs and an orange drink, he was swept up by a crowd, leaving his food behind.

The Unexpected Journey Through Gates and Doors

Andy’s adventure didn’t stop at the food stand. He found himself moving through gates and doors, clueless about where he was headed. With a sign pointing to the “North Gate,” he continued on, eventually encountering a ticket check. The humorous confusion deepened as he admitted to not knowing where he was going.

The Enigmatic Football Field

As Andy navigated further, he arrived at a scene that baffled him. A green cow pasture transformed into a football field, complete with white lines, posts, and players. The on-field action was unlike anything he’d seen before, with convicts blowing whistles and girls in short dresses dancing around.

The Spectacle and Cheers

Amidst the chaos, the main event unfolded. Men emerged from an outhouse in two groups, prompting cheers from the crowd. Andy’s curiosity led him to inquire about the cause of the excitement, receiving an enthusiastic response that involved sharing drinks. The bewildering spectacle continued as elected representatives shook hands in the center of the field.

In Conclusion

While “What It Was, Was Football” may be unavailable in some regions, the hilarity of Andy Griffith’s storytelling lives on. This quirky song takes us on a journey through confusion and amusement, as Andy finds himself immersed in the world of football without understanding its intricacies. So, if you ever have the chance to listen to this song, you’ll be treated to a comedic masterpiece that captures the essence of unexpected experiences.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on the provided lyrics and general knowledge up to September 2021. The song’s unavailability may vary due to regional restrictions.

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