Goalkeeper Vicente Guaita Refuses to Play for Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace Goalkeeper Vicente Guaita Refuses to Play, Seeks Transfer

In a surprising turn of events, Crystal Palace’s goalkeeper Vicente Guaita has chosen to withhold his participation in the team’s pre-season matches, expressing his desire to depart from the club. The decision follows Guaita’s displacement as the first-choice goalkeeper, with Sam Johnstone taking over the coveted position. Roy Hodgson, the team’s manager, shed light on the situation, acknowledging that Guaita’s dissatisfaction has led him to pursue a potential transfer.

Guaita, hailing from LaLiga side Getafe, arrived at Crystal Palace as a free agent in 2018. Over the course of his tenure, he established himself as the preferred goalkeeper. However, the recent managerial transition, where Hodgson succeeded Patrick Vieira, marked a shift in the team’s dynamics. Sam Johnstone emerged as the new No. 1 goalkeeper, prompting Guaita’s reluctance to participate and his expressed interest in a return to his former club, Getafe.

Hodgson provided insights into Guaita’s stance, stating, “He’s [Johnstone] the only one at the moment because Guaita is disenchanted with the club.” The goalkeeper’s contract with Crystal Palace still spans a year, which introduces complexities into the situation. While Guaita is eager to move on, the ultimate decision rests with the club regarding the potential transfer.

With more than 150 appearances for Crystal Palace since his arrival, Guaita’s role in the team is significant. A one-year contract extension was signed in January, affirming his commitment to the club. However, the recent developments hint at discord within the team due to his discontent.

Hodgson addressed the situation pragmatically, emphasizing the club’s role in resolving the matter. He remarked, “It’s up to the club now… When you sign a contract basically you commit yourself to what’s needed at that club.” The manager acknowledged the challenge of navigating a player’s desire to leave while still under contract. Guaita’s refusal to play has prompted discussions about the potential outcome, and how the situation will eventually find its resolution remains to be seen.

As the transfer deadline approaches, the spotlight shifts to Crystal Palace’s management and their decision regarding Guaita’s future with the club. The unfolding events will undoubtedly impact the team’s dynamics as they prepare for the upcoming season.

By Tum Balogun

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