Mexican Firm Infuses £155.3M Investment to Rescue Barcelona’s Finances

Barcelona Secures £155.3 Million Investment to Boost Financial Position

In a move aimed at revitalizing Barcelona’s financial situation, the club has entered into a significant agreement with Mexican investment firm, Mountain Nazca. The deal involves a £155.3 million investment in exchange for a 49% stake in Barca Studios, which is expected to provide the Catalonian club with the means to actively participate in the transfer market.

Last year, Barcelona had sold two 24.5% shares of their media company to and Orpheus Media. However, reports from COPE indicate that both firms missed a deadline for a £26 million investment in June. They subsequently sought an extension for the second payment after originally injecting £8.6 million into the venture.

The situation comes amidst a challenging financial backdrop for the club, which currently faces a staggering £1.1 billion debt. Years of excessive spending have placed Barcelona in dire straits. Nevertheless, the infusion of funds from Mountain Nazca serves as a lifeline, offering much-needed financial relief.

This recent investment is especially significant given that Barcelona was recently hit with a £431,423 fine by UEFA. The fine was imposed due to misreporting of “profits on disposal of intangible assets (other than player transfers) which are not a relevant income under the regulations.”

The influx of £155.3 million promises to provide a breath of fresh air for Barcelona’s financial records, allowing the club to stabilize its financial position. This newfound stability is expected to have a positive impact on the club’s activities in the transfer market.

According to reports from Mas Que Pelotas, the necessary paperwork has been signed, and the agreement is now pending approval from LaLiga, the organization responsible for overseeing economic matters in the league. This investment is set to empower Barcelona to acquire and register new players for the upcoming season, which is scheduled to kick off this weekend.

In recent times, Barcelona has been compelled to focus on free transfers and bargain-priced players due to financial constraints. Measures such as reducing first-team wages and selling several squad members have been undertaken to bring financial equilibrium.

Barcelona’s financial concerns were further underscored by the recent UEFA fine, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a sustainable financial footing throughout the season to avoid additional violations of financial fair play regulations.

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