Second alleged victim ‘comes forward to accuse Real Madrid players of sharing sexual content without consent’ after four youngsters were arrested last week

Second Victim Comes Forward in Case Against Real Madrid Players for Alleged Non-consensual Sharing of Sexual Content

In a recent development, a second individual has come forward as a victim in the case involving four Real Madrid players who are accused of sharing sexual content without consent. This case initially came to light in September when three young Los Blancos academy players were arrested following allegations of sharing a sex tape involving an underage teenage girl. The video was purportedly circulated on WhatsApp without the girl's consent.

The mother of the minor believed to be involved in the incident filed a complaint against the four Real Madrid players. Subsequently, these players were arrested at the club's Valdebebas training ground. They were later released after questioning.

According to reports from the Spanish outlet El Mundo, a second victim has now stepped forward. This individual appeared in the videos shared among the Real Madrid players in question and asserts that they did not give consent for the content to be shared. Additionally, the second victim claims to have had a dispute with the footballers over this issue. Notably, the players were aware that the first victim was a 16-year-old teenager.

As the investigation continues, law enforcement authorities are examining whether the content was shared with other group chats within Real Madrid. For legal reasons, the Spanish authorities have refrained from disclosing the names of the footballers involved, although some Spanish media outlets have offered a name related to the alleged incident.

One of the players, who has been identified by some sources, was previously linked to a potential move to West Ham earlier in the year and currently plays for Real Madrid's Castilla reserve team in Spain's fifth-tier football.

The incident in question took place during a gathering at Amadores Beach Club in Gran Canaria in June, where the sex tape is alleged to have been recorded. It is reported that the arrested footballers were part of a group consisting of four men and three women. During the event, one of the footballers is said to have engaged in 'consensual sex' in the pool area with one of the women, while the remaining three Real Madrid players stayed behind.

Island newspaper La Provincia, while not naming the player involved, provided an account of the incident leading to the arrests. They reported that one of the women suspected a player had used his mobile phone to record the sexual encounter. The players admitted to filming but promised to delete the content. However, two months later, two of the girls, one of whom was underage, discovered the video was being shared in WhatsApp groups, prompting the mother of the minor to report the incident.

Although the four players have not yet appeared in court, they are expected to be summoned once the judge receives a police report. There are also suggestions that additional players, potentially from Real Madrid's first team, could be involved, but this remains unverified.

A spokesperson for the Civil Guard in Gran Canaria confirmed that a mother and her underage daughter reported the existence of recorded consensual sexual relations that were shared without consent. The incident dates back to mid-June in the municipality of Mogan.

Real Madrid released a statement acknowledging the situation and pledged to take appropriate measures once they have a comprehensive understanding of the facts.

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