Xavi’s Adoration: Ousmane Dembele’s Potential, Prevented PSG Transfer

Ousmane Dembele Set to Depart Barcelona for PSG: A Costly Transfer

In a significant development, it has been confirmed that Ousmane Dembele will be leaving Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain in the upcoming hours. This transfer is raising eyebrows and has sparked discussions about its impact, as it ranks among the most disastrous transfers in the history of the club.

Dembele’s arrival at Barcelona in 2017 was accompanied by a staggering fee of 135 million euros [£97 million], a move that followed the club’s ill-fated 222 million euros deal for Neymar. Unfortunately, his time at the club was plagued by injuries, causing him to miss a staggering 119 games. Just as he started to establish himself under the guidance of coach Xavi, Dembele is making a move to a direct European rival, leaving Barcelona to pocket a mere 25 million euros from the sale.

Throughout his tenure, Dembele’s performance has been inconsistent, with his struggles on the pitch often overshadowing his contributions. One moment that will be hard to forget is his goal-scoring blunder against Liverpool during the Champions League semi-finals in 2019.

The French winger was conspicuously absent during Barcelona’s friendly match against AC Milan due to his impending transfer to PSG. This marks the end of his six-year journey with Barcelona, a period that began with the club shelling out £97 million to secure his talents from Dortmund.

Despite glimpses of promise, Dembele faced challenges with injuries and personal attitude issues during his time at Barcelona. Xavi’s arrival as coach brought about improvements, as the player adapted to the new rules and began training rigorously. Xavi saw potential in Dembele’s electric pace and unpredictable brilliance.

Efforts were made to keep Dembele at the club, including a re-signing last summer under Xavi’s recommendation. However, the player’s agent negotiated a clause that allowed Dembele to leave for a reduced fee, leading to his eventual decision to depart from Barcelona.

While Dembele’s departure has disappointed Xavi, the coach who saw his potential, it also leaves a gap in Barcelona’s lineup. The club now faces the challenge of wisely investing the funds received from Dembele’s sale, with financial restrictions limiting their options. Despite Xavi’s preference for specific replacements, the financial constraints may dictate the path Barcelona takes in rebuilding their team for the upcoming season.

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