Key Picks for FPL Gameweek 4: Scout’s Recommendations

Fantasy Football Picks for Gameweek 4: Five Players to Watch

As Gameweek 4 of the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League approaches with its Friday 18:30 BST deadline, the Scout has highlighted five players who could bring substantial success to your fantasy team.

1. Jarrod Bowen (West Ham) – £7.0m

West Ham’s star player, Jarrod Bowen, is in the limelight as he heads to Luton Town with an impressive away record. Scoring in both of his recent away games, he has amassed 21 points, thanks to two goals and an assist against AFC Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove Albion. What sets him apart are his stellar stats – 11 shots, eight shots in the box, and five shots on target, all topping his teammates. Luton Town’s shaky defense could provide Bowen with the perfect stage to shine.

2. Kyle Walker (Man City) – £5.1m

Manchester City’s right-back, Kyle Walker, is a solid choice for your team. Having started in all three Gameweeks, he secured clean sheets against Burnley and Newcastle United. Walker’s new role in these matches has significantly elevated his potential for assists, with successful passes per game doubling from last season. His five chances created in the first three Gameweeks are nearly on par with his total for the whole last season. Facing Fulham at home, Walker’s all-round potential is promising.

3. Destiny Udogie (Spurs) – £4.6m

Tottenham Hotspur’s left-back, Destiny Udogie, emerges as a valuable option. A linchpin in the new-look Spurs defense, he contributed to clean sheets against Manchester United and AFC Bournemouth in their recent games. Adding an assist and maximum bonus points in the victory over Bournemouth, Udogie showcased his worth. Upcoming clashes with Sheffield United and Burnley hint at his potential for more returns.

4. Raheem Sterling (Chelsea) – £7.1m

Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling is riding high on a wave of popularity, and for good reason. His impressive two goals, an assist, and 19 points against Luton have drawn in a massive influx of new owners. Facing Nottingham Forest at home, Sterling’s increased goal threat is evident, having fired five shots inside the box in contrast to just one in previous matches. Nottingham Forest’s weak defense during away games could further boost Sterling’s prospects.

5. Carlton Morris (Luton) – £5.5m

Luton’s forward, Carlton Morris, is a budget-friendly option with potential. A pivotal part of Luton’s promotion campaign last season, he contributed 20 goals and seven assists. Already proving his worth with a goal and eight points against Brighton in Gameweek 1, Morris aims to continue his impact. Up against a West Ham side that has struggled to prevent goal attempts, Morris could capitalize on their vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, these five players hold significant promise for Gameweek 4 of the Fantasy Premier League. Their recent performances, coupled with favorable fixtures and stats, make them compelling choices for your fantasy team. As the deadline approaches, consider adding these players to your lineup for a shot at success.

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