Man Utd’s Backing: Hojlund Set to Rise as Top-Class Striker

Manchester United’s New Striker: Rasmus Hojlund’s Energetic Journey

Player analysis – Rasmus Hojlund

Meet Rasmus Hojlund, the dynamic new striker for Manchester United. His journey from Atalanta to Old Trafford is a testament to his relentless energy and passion for the game.

Always On the Move

As a child, Hojlund’s father, Anders, described him as a lively and friendly boy who excelled in school and easily made friends. However, sitting still was never his strong suit. “He struggled to stay still,” Anders shared in an interview. “It was natural that he got involved in sport to let that energy out.”

A Multisport Enthusiast

From the age of four, Rasmus was enrolled in football classes, and soon he delved into tennis, badminton, and swimming. This athletic spirit ran in the family; his father played professional football in Denmark, and his mother was a track and field athlete. The Hojlund household turned their basement into a mini football pitch where Rasmus and his brothers hosted matches that would last until everyone collapsed from exhaustion.

Rising Through the Ranks

Rasmus Hojlund’s career trajectory was as energetic as his playing style. He made his professional debut for FC Copenhagen at just 17 and joined Sturm Graz in Austria a year later. By 18, he signed with Atalanta in 2022, where he soon expressed his desire to play in the Champions League. His ambition was realized when Manchester United acquired him for a reported fee of up to £72 million.

Goals in Context

While Hojlund’s goal tally of nine in Serie A might seem modest, it’s essential to consider the context. He started only 20 matches last season and truly stepped up after his teammate’s injury. On average, he scored a goal every 189 minutes on the field, a respectable record for a player still blossoming.

A Speedy Asset

Hojlund’s lightning-fast pace is a standout asset. Atalanta’s coaching staff clocked him running 100 meters in under 11 seconds. A memorable instance was his coast-to-coast sprint against Lazio, where he left opponents in his wake. However, improving his consistency in finishing will be crucial.

A Work in Progress

Comparisons to Erling Haaland are inevitable due to their shared attributes, but Hojlund is quick to acknowledge the gap between them. “I need to improve a lot to be as good as him,” he admitted. Hojlund aims to refine his aerial ability and back-to-goal play, areas he’s actively working on.

Inspired by Greatness

Hojlund looks up to Cristiano Ronaldo as a role model. He admires Ronaldo’s dedication, winning mentality, and continuous self-improvement. This drive led Hojlund to where he is now—joining the ranks of Manchester United and continuing his journey of growth.

An Unstoppable Force

From a lively kid who couldn’t sit still to a dynamic footballer, Rasmus Hojlund’s story is one of constant motion and evolution. With his relentless drive, he’s ready to leave his mark on the pitch at Old Trafford.

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