Al-Ittihad’s £118M Offer Tests Liverpool’s Resolve to Keep Mo Salah

Saudi Club Al-Ittihad Set to Challenge Liverpool’s Stand on Mo Salah with £118M Bid

Saudi Arabian club Al-Ittihad is making waves in the football world as it gears up to put forth a substantial bid of approximately £118 million for Liverpool’s star player, Mo Salah. Despite Liverpool’s firm stance that Salah is not up for sale, the Saudi club is determined to test their resolve.

The situation has gained attention as Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, has been quite vocal about his opposition to Salah’s departure. Mail Sport has gained insight into Klopp’s potential frustration if Salah were to leave during this summer transfer window. The manager believes that losing Salah could have a negative impact on the team’s performance and disrupt his broader plans for the club’s success.

Intriguingly, key Saudi officials have journeyed to Europe, where they have found encouraging signs that Salah might be open to considering offers. This development has taken place in the lead-up to the Club World Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia this December. The Saudi Pro League’s chief executive, Saad al-Lazeez, recently traveled to France with the intention of enticing more star players to join their league.

Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas, attempted to reassure Liverpool fans by stating that Salah would not be leaving during this summer’s transfer window. However, this declaration hasn’t deterred the Saudi investors, who believe they have received signals to proceed with a formal bid of around $150 million.

The trend of Saudi clubs targeting Liverpool’s prized assets continues, as they’ve previously secured deals with players like Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, and Roberto Firmino. Even though Liverpool fans might be concerned about this trend, Salah seemed relaxed and cheerful during a recent training session.

While Liverpool is poised to resist any attempts to take away their star player, Klopp now plays a more active role in transfer decisions, especially since key figures like Michael Edwards and Julian Ward have departed. The Saudi interest in Salah has intensified recently, and despite Klopp’s statement that there was no official approach, the Saudi club is now prepared to make a formal offer.

At the age of 31 and with a substantial weekly salary, Salah’s potential departure raises questions about Liverpool’s strategic choices. With the Saudi transfer window extending until September 7, a week after the English transfer window closes, there’s room for further developments. The potential sale of Salah might influence Liverpool’s future moves in the transfer market, especially with the looming absence of young full-back Conor Bradley due to injury.

As the Saudi club takes steps to secure Salah’s services, Klopp has shifted his focus towards bolstering the team’s ranks. Liverpool has initiated talks with Bayern Munich for Ryan Gravenberch, a player they’ve pursued for some time. Although Bayern seems open to the idea of selling Gravenberch, discussions are also ongoing with other clubs for different options.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead for Al-Ittihad in their pursuit of Salah, the club remains undeterred. With their sights set on the Egyptian superstar, they are ready to test the determination of Liverpool’s management and make their mark on the football world.

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