**Lionel Messi Urges Inter Miami Move for Luka Modric**

Lionel Messi Suggests Inter Miami Consider Signing Luka Modric

Lionel Messi, the renowned football maestro, has proposed that Inter Miami make a strategic move to acquire Real Madrid legend Luka Modric in the upcoming transfer window.

Modric, an iconic figure at Real Madrid, has found himself spending more time on the bench this season under the leadership of Carlo Ancelotti. Out of six LaLiga fixtures played, Modric started only twice.

In a determined bid to regain his place in the starting lineup, Modric has pledged to put in the hard work. However, due to the formidable depth of the Real Madrid squad, opportunities have been sparse for the 38-year-old midfielder.

Messi, in his wisdom, believes that a transfer for Modric during the January window could be a win-win for both Modric and Inter Miami. Former Real Madrid forward Pedja Mijatovic concurs with Messi, suggesting that Modric's skills would be well-suited to the league.

As a result of this compelling notion, Messi has engaged in discussions with Inter Miami's co-owner, David Beckham, to explore the potential of this transfer.

Pedja Mijatovic shared, "He [Modric] has received offers from the United States, from many teams, and from this one in particular." He further revealed, "Messi himself has personally been interested in the possibility. In Croatia, a few days ago, Modric met Beckham, where they were eating."

Modric's inclination towards a move to Inter Miami has been influenced by his limited playtime at Real Madrid this season. The Spanish giants boast a wealth of talented young players, such as Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr, Aurelien Tchouameni, Eduardo Camavinga, Federico Valverde, and Jude Bellingham, who have seamlessly integrated into the team.

Consequently, the competition for spots in the lineup has intensified, and Modric finds himself gradually slipping down the pecking order under Ancelotti's tutelage. However, Modric has expressed his readiness to stay at the club and strive to reclaim his position.

He stated, "Nobody is happy when they don't play. After the career I've had, it's an especially strange feeling for me. But the coach decided that, for his own reasons." Modric also clarified that he wished to be treated as a competitive player based on his current performance rather than past achievements.

Recognizing the emergence of young talents at Real Madrid, Modric affirmed, "These young guys are top players; that's why they're at Real. We veterans must help them progress and gradually take over the starting roles at the level that this club is looking for."

In the competitive realm of football, Modric faces challenges, including vying for a spot with players like Jude Bellingham in the Real Madrid squad.

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